Look, a review!

Bekah and I got up really early this morning and started working. We managed to box up a bunch of stuff, carry most of it downstairs, and when the guys and Dad got here to load it all up, they did so fairly quickly. 1,000,000,000 lbs of stuff left my house today! (hahaha.)

That's not all by any means, but it's a great start. She has the next two weeks off work before she starts her new job, so I expect she'll be able to go through the stuff left here pretty quickly.

I have started my bag, and it's looking really good. I have the edges right! I really, really like the way this yarn is working out. It's a bit more brown and orange and cream in real life, but you get the idea in the picture.

Later on when I have a bit of shade to work in, I'm going to plant the rest of my tomatoes (the paste tomatoes), some of my asparagus, and the squash that is ready to be planted in the big garden. Tomorrow there's an auction in town, so I'll be there in the morning, but I have lots of stuff to do the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I will get most of it done.


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