Weaving is definitely quick! I sat down to do a few rows on the second dishcloth last night (using the lighter green as the weft instead of the darker green) and seriously before I realized it, I was finished with it! So now I am on #3, and it looks like I'll have plenty of warp. I might even get four out of it. We'll see.

#3 will be checks instead of stripes, I'm going to alternate between the colors. And I'm definitely happier with how #2 turned out. There aren't as many skipped stitches, and my tension evened out by itself. Ha!

I walked around last night and took some pictures of the garden and the flowers that are blooming--except for the flowers I wanted to take a picture of, because it had closed up for the night--and late last night, while lying in bed, I realized that I could put the sweet potatoes in the back garden with the other potatoes, and train some of the sweet potato vines up the other side of the arch. I will need to till that portion of the back garden to do that, but I can do that this morning, I think, and get it done. That will be nice. And if they want to go nuts and vine all over the place, it's not like they'll run into anything anyway.

Of course, this is all weather permitting, because it's supposed to rain today. Not until later this afternoon, but still. Damaging winds and hail? Yikes!


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