I have a medium-long list of things to do today, so I'm going to see how many indoor things I can cross off my list by noon and then decide what else will get done today. I'm not doing sourdough today; I'm going to wait until next week. Instead, I will make more Vienna bread with poppyseeds.

(I should mow my grass, but I'm not sure my back would hold out. It feels much better, but it's only been one week.)

Later on this afternoon, I do have to go to Mom and Dad's to pick up my stuff from the rummage sale and drop off Mom's Pyrex from yesterday. I'll also bring home some more potatoes to plant if I remember. They are going on the empty spot in the kitchen garden and under the air conditioner, because I don't have anything to plant right there at the moment.

I feel like I'm awfully late this year in planting, and I am, compared to other years, but it's been a wet spring. I'm not complaining at all, though. We needed the rain. We were still short.


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