And the final list:

--Italian bread (no poppyseeds; I didn't want to deal with them) (4 loaves) (finit)
--Honey French (4 loaves) (finit)
--Three Seed Bread (2 loaves) (now rising)
--Mustard Rye* (because I just had to try it) (1 loaf) (now rising)
--Black Russian Rye* (because I had to try it again before sharing the recipe) (1 loaf) (now rising)
--Blue Potato Bread (1 loaf) (now rising)

Twelve loaves will end up at the bake sale; I'm going to keep one loaf of Honey French, I think, or Italian. I haven't decided yet.

The maximum for the Presto dough mixer is two loaves, or eight cups of flour (so really, two and a half loaves), which isn't bad at all.

I had intended to make dog biscuits for the craft show, but now I'm thinking I'll just quit while I'm ahead, because I have other stuff to do. I will make some for Mabel for Christmas instead. :)

*Note: I really don't care for rye bread. My Dad said the Black Russian Rye from the baked goods auction was pretty good, so hopefully it will be good this time, too. And the mustard rye, with both mustard powder and actual mustard in it, was too interesting not to try.

And I am patiently waiting for the UPS guy to arrive--the mailman came with a package that wouldn't fit into my mailbox, but what I really want is for the UPS guy to come, now that I have the books I bought from ebay and Amazon. *sigh*


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