Well, after a slow Friday, today was much busier, although I didn't make as much money. However, all told, it ended up being an average show, so that's fine. Jess and Shannon were pleased with what they made as well! And now I have to clean all of my stuff out of my car.

All I really have to do for the next craft show is print out a few more notecards (I sold about 3 dozen, total) and make one or two more scarves (although I might not; we'll see.) But now that this one's over, and I'm off until Wednesday, I'm going to concentrate on cleaning and setting up Ester now that I have the proper equipment.

I really want to get my craft room/studio into order so I can concentrate on other things, like weaving and learning how to spin a bit better than my first attempts. And writing, too, of course; I have a book to finish. So I have a lot to do. :)


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