Well, I had an interesting morning!

We had an all day work thing today, and so this morning, I gathered up all my stuff in preparation to leave and decided to make two trips. I had my vintage ball gown on (it was a sort of costume work thing, with themes) using only the skirt because it's about a size 9, my velvet coat, and my good black hat. I grabbed my bread, cream cheese, and tote bag, walked out to put it in my car, and inadvertently locked myself out of the house.

My cell phone, keys, purse, and everything else were inside, sitting on the kitchen table. And I had forgotten to unlock my car, so I didn't even have that. And did I mention it was cold outside, and my velvet coat has no insulation whatsoever?

I tried to see if I'd locked the kitchen door, but I couldn't tell, and my one attempt at sliding something between the storm door and its lock failed. If I had unlocked it, I still would have been out of luck, because the kitchen door was locked.

Plan B was to walk to my backyard neighbor's house and use her phone to call Mom who would have been on her way to work and could have brought me my key. Plan A was to find a window that I'd forgotten to unlatch and break into my own house.

Lucky for me, the laundry room window was unlocked. (It isn't now, just so no one gets any ideas to break into my house!) The primitive bench I bought at the auction this summer worked just fine as my way inside, and although I had to dismantle the drying rack I use for my sweaters and move the cats' blankets, I managed to climb through with no broken bones or pulled muscles.

In the time it took for me to climb through the window and jump down to the floor, Miss Mabel never once stirred from her pillow. Granted, she ate a few too many treats yesterday and I think had a stomachache because of it, but I would hope that she realized it was me breaking into the house and that she would have barked and carried on if it had been a stranger. (I did stand at the door for a while, so she knew I was outside.) However, almost all the cats came to inquire exactly what was I doing, standing on the laundry room table and letting all that cold air inside.

Then, I had to call the various supervisors, etc., to tell them I would be late, only to find out that the lady who was staying behind to watch the office had been in a four-car pileup on her way in (she is okay, though), and after I got there, another coworker's garage door broke, trapping her car inside the garage.

I did only arrive 30 minutes late, though, because I ran into absolutely no traffic at all. But what a morning!


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