Well, there were no knocks on my door this weekend, thank goodness!

However, my phone rang last night at 9pm, and it was the Democrats. Prior to that, all phone calls had been Republican. Personally, I think 9pm is too late to be calling people, but at least it didn't ring after that (at least, not that I heard; I went upstairs around 9pm last night because my body told me it was 10pm.)

Out of 22 things on my list of things to do this weekend, twelve are crossed off, but of the ones that aren't crossed off, I've started three of them. Mostly, I made sure all my craft show stuff was in order and in place for next weekend.

Next year, even if the craft shows are two weeks apart again, I'm still going to take the holiday week off.

Oh, and one inkjet cartridge printed 138 notecards. That comes out to about $.02 each for printing, but I bet I could get 140 out of one cartridge, because I did have one sheet jam and only print halfway, so I couldn't use that one. Even so, I'm going to need at least two more color inkjet cartridges to get through the rest of this year's pictures and for last year's as well. So I will pick those up today.

At OfficeMax, where I bought the original cartridge, they had a four pack that I didn't buy; I probably should have bought it, even though it was $60, because I would have been done with them by now.


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