I bought a lot of 80 crochet hooks from ebay, and they arrived today. Some are for a Christmas present and others to supplement or replace some of the ones I have, especially since I'm intending to concentrate more on crochet instead of knitting. (I am actually contemplating selling my Denise knitting needles. Haven't decided for sure yet, but we'll see.) In the package were nine afghan crochet hooks, which is cool, because I've always wanted to try Tunisian crochet. There are also bunches of tiny steel crochet hooks, which I have to go through yet and see which ones I actually needed. All others will be resold.

I am waiting for my historic loom to arrive so I can use up some of the silk thread/yarn I have; it's a tape loom, if I haven't mentioned that before, and I have lots of plans for it. It is supposed to be delivered Friday, which would be nice, since I'm off, and if it does get delivered, I can warp it and bring it to the demonstration on Saturday.

The dough mixer is up at church already; I had a bit of an issue getting it out of the house, but one medium-sized dent later (it actually fell off the porch and I almost cried when I saw the dent) it is at church in one piece. Luckily for me, the dent doesn't deter its use at all. But obviously, I should have wheeled it out the kitchen door, which only has one step. So, lesson learned. It will either come back into the house with more than one person carrying it, or via the kitchen door, which is safer anyway.

And I am contemplating finishing the sample on Ester and warping again on Friday, a bit wider this time, to do another sample for the demonstration. It's because I'm having fun with this, of course, and what else do I have planned for Friday? I have to bake bread, which has periods of downtime anyway, and set up my table in the evening. Nothing so terrible that I couldn't warp Ester again. But we'll see about that, too.

We are also making butter for the demonstration. So, we'll have freshly baked bread and fresh butter. YUM.


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