I got off early today, due to a long day Monday, and I'm off tomorrow (to bake bread for the bake sale!) so I am snug and warm at home as it snows outside. Mmmm. With hot tea, even.

So anyway, I have a list for tomorrow, the craft show's on Saturday, and evidently people actually read my news announcement in the paper, because I've had people ask about the new book. So that's cool.

I think I will only bake 12 loaves of bread, though, since two of them are spoken for already. That shouldn't take very long at all, leaving me more time to weave, figure out my table covering, and set up my table in the evening. I'll be bringing Ester with me on Saturday, and hopefully I won't kill myself getting her out of the house. (More awkward than heavy, really. And I really should make sure she'll fit through the door, don't you think?)

I am looking forward to not having to get up early tomorrow.

It's snowing outside, and I've been feeding the outside cats in the morning and the evening, because it's also frigid. I have not seen the elderly pale orange cat all week, but sometimes he doesn't get to my house until later on in the morning, and I'm gone by then. The new black cat has been there almost every morning, and the big orange Morris cat has returned. Perhaps his owners don't feed him early enough? Perhaps he doesn't get fed at home? He was gone all summer long, and now is back and bigger than ever. He's a really sweet cat, and he has to have a home.

This afternoon when I came home from work, he was sitting in front of my backyard neighbor's car, waiting for me. I think they've figured me out. ;)

I have a rule at my house that if you show up, you'll get fed. I only have two 'official' outside cats--Cleo and Misty--and the rest of them come and go. But right now, there are six inside and five-ish outside. Thankfully, outside cat food isn't expensive. (I feed the outside cats Purina, usually, because of the birds who also eat the cat food, the possum, raccoons, and skunk as well. Inside gets Wellness.)


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