Hmm, okay, maybe I won't go blind, but it's going to take a while to warp the whole width. I only got about two inches done today, but I did do other things, like work on the purple scarf and move stuff around and sweep a good portion of the floor (but I'm not done yet.) It does not help when I have a small orange and white "helper", either.

Oh, and my car still didn't need tires!

Tomorrow, more sweeping, and more picking up and more cleaning. I'm aiming to be in the kitchen for most of the day tomorrow.

I sold my oak tapestry loom on ebay, and then posted my inkle loom on ravelry and am waiting for payment for that. This is good, because I don't need to have unused stuff lying around, and I am hopeful that both looms will be put to good use elsewhere. Yay!


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