Italian bread with poppyseeds from the baked goods auction.

Okay, so the shortlist for bread:

--Honey French (of course) (4 loaves)
--Three seed (3 loaves)
--Some sort of rye (2 loaves, maybe 2 different ryes, all depending. It would be cool if I could do the ryes braided with two different flavors in each braid. Heh.)
--Blue potato bread (1 loaf)
--Italian w/poppyseeds, probably braided (2 loaves)

and that's it, unless I change it enroute. I will be using the dough bucket and the Presto dough mixer, primarily, to save my wrists for crocheting/weaving tomorrow.

Goal is to be pretty much done by lunchtime; we'll see.

And I figured out the Tunisian crochet stitch--it's really not that hard!


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