Prairie Home Companion was really nice. They had a local band on as well, and they were good. We had decent seats even though we were way back towards the end; the only real bad seats at Music Hall are behind pillars, after all. And there were some poor people sitting behind the pillars.

It was a sold out show, and I didn't see any empty seats at all, although I don't understand why people don't get there on time. The show started at 5:45pm, and there were people coming in 10 minutes late! How rude! (Not to mention the fact that the two elderly gentlemen in front of us had to struggle to their feet twice for latecomers.) We arrived quite early, and didn't run into traffic or problems at all. It was a nice evening!

And today, I've been ordering Christmas presents and getting my lists in order, because I have to make some stuff and I don't want to end up working on presents come Christmas Eve. So, except for Ethan, I decided to only make one thing per person this year, which means most of the family are getting the same stuff, only in different colors. I also have to make bears for the gift exchanges, and that shouldn't be too bad, either. At least I have a list now of what I need to make.

What I needed to buy was pretty simple; my goal was to not have to set foot in a store this Christmas, but I will have to stop by Target for stuff I couldn't find online. (Believe it or not; men's sweaters in my price range are in short supply this year.) I also have to stop in Hobby Lobby for one present, but that's not a big deal either. Since I have to make so many bears this year (the gift exchanges are getting small ones, let me tell you!) I may need stuffing anyway. I also have to order some stuff yet, from small companies, and a couple things on Etsy as well.

My one big gift is for my Dad, and I'm not going to mention what it is here, but I wrote down the pattern for it tonight. I might have to order some supplies for it, but we'll see.

Land's End, Gaiam, Amazon, Oregon Trail Soapers Supply, Etsy, Hobby Lobby and Target will get my business this year. Everyone else is out of luck. My other goal was to not pay all that much for shipping; Land's End and Amazon was free, and since I'll be physically going to Target and Hobby Lobby, that means the only shipping I had to pay for was at Gaiam, Etsy, and the Soapers Supply. Not that bad at all.

I did manage to do some dishes today, and the laundry's in the dryer. I cheated and made bread via the bread machine because I didn't want to mess with it, so I'll probably have some of that for supper in a bit here.

I could have used a few more days off, though.


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