Well, the second craft show is OVER! And boy was it a fun day. I mean that, too. Most of the stuff I took to do didn't even make it out of the bag. :)

I sold the purple scarf--the one I had just finished and just taken out of the dryer last night. I almost didn't bring it, too! But it went almost right away, which makes me think that my price was right for that one, at least. And I also sold books, which was very nice. I like it when I can find new readers!

But to fully tell the story, I have to start from last night.

Last night, I made the attempt to load everything I possibly could load into my car to take up to church to set up. Ester wouldn't fit out my side door--I can't remember if we brought her in the side door or the front door. And I hate to say this, but a (approximately) 30 inch wide loom is almost too big to take for demonstrations. I will keep my eye out for a smaller one, I think; I like the 15" LeClerc Dorothys, but we'll see if I can find one cheap enough--eventually. I'm not going to spend a lot of money on a demonstration loom.

But anyway, we made it to church (and she fit through the door, thank goodness, whereupon I realized that I didn't bring half of what I needed to bring (okay, maybe not that bad, but I had a long list last night of stuff to get together.) So I loaded up more stuff in my car this morning, and prepared for the show.

(This morning, I also awoke with what felt like the beginning of a cold, so I also loaded up on Echinachia (sp?) tea, which really is the best stuff in the whole world.)

I had every intention of warping my knitter's loom again, but I wasn't about to try at 10pm last night, so I didn't bring it. Instead, I brought the tape loom to play with while I was sitting at my table, and that's what I did on and off all day long. I think my tape is about three feet long now, and that was with many, many interruptions. (More about the tape loom in another post, I think.)

And that was the conversation piece; no one knew what it was until I explained it, so I'm thinking I might make up a little booklet type thing for when I do demonstrate it. I am also considering making one like the one that was on ebay; I think I could do that with minimal tools. We'll see.

Anyway, we started the bread at 10am, in the big dough mixer. We chickened out and did six loaves, and it worked fine; our only problem was the iffy oven at church that initially didn't bake the bread long enough. However, by the time we did two loaves in the bucket and put the not-quite-done loaves back in the oven, all was well, and we ended up with eight loaves of Italian bread (my failsafe recipe) which were pretty much eaten by anyone there. (And actually, I didn't crank the bucket much at all, and I only had to crank the dough mixer maybe for thirty seconds because other people wanted to help. Which was great!

We also made butter! It ended up being more whipped butter than anything, and didn't solidify completely, but it tasted like butter and I didn't have to sit around shaking a jar because other people wanted to help! Which was great, too. :)

After that, we had knitting and crocheting demonstrations, and I wove on Ester a bit, and told everyone about my new loom.

All in all, it was a bit more than an average year this year, and I had a lot of fun and talked to a lot of nice people, as usual. I even talked to another lady who has a Union loom like mine, and she also spins, so we talked for a bit about that, too. It was a great day, all told, and now I'm tired, but not terribly tired, so that's even better.

All my stuff is now inside (with Ester coming back in the front door) and all I have to do tomorrow is sort, put away stuff, and the usual things, like cleaning out litterboxes, laundry, and dishes from yesterday. Which will be enough.



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