I am very tired right now, and my legs and feet hurt, but that's to be expected. It rained for most of today, and the craft show crowd wasn't there until the end, so I didn't make a lot of money, but that's ok. There's always tomorrow. I did sell the one cashmere doll I brought, though, and two scarves, two hats, and some notecards. No books. :(

However, I did talk weaving with a lady who has 18 looms in her house (and here I thought my (however many I have, but not 18) was too many! She explained the warping process of the big loom in plain enough terms that even I can figure it out, and I found out what the spare piece I have is called, too! It is the original temple that came with the loom. (You can see a picture of one here; it's the piece at the very bottom of the set of pictures.) So anyway, it was a good day in that respect.

Jess and her friend Shannon are with me this year, and they did make some sales, too, so that's good.

And this year, there's a potter at the craft show! I bought a small pottery colander from her already, and I have my eye on a couple of other things, too. Her prices are really good.

But as for tonight, I'm planning to go to bed early (I didn't finish weaving the scarf, but I worked on it there) and then I get to go back tomorrow. Whew!


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