Kroger has organic long grain brown rice for $1/lb. I really think that's a great price. They have organic short grain brown rice for $1.25/lb.; they are sold in two pound packages. I bought three packages to stock up a bit. If I get back to Kroger over the weekend, I may stock up more.

And also, just so you know, the best peanut butter out there? EVER? And this is coming from a person who eats a lot of peanut butter? Krema peanut butter. Never heard of them? Neither had I until I tried it one day, and wow.

The only drawback is that the 'jars' are plastic, not glass. It's not organic, either, but it's very, very tasty. (And I'm wondering if Kroger just gets different jars, since the ones on the website are not the same. Hmm.)


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