Re-tying on the warp for the distowels worked wonders. I'm not sure what the real problem was, but it's fixed now. At the moment, towel #2 is going swimmingly.

Once I'm done with this warp, I'll be either putting on another warp for a different colored shawl or putting on a warp in shades of blue for more towels.

Someone on my Christmas list might end up getting handwoven cloth napkins for Christmas, since she (Mom) asked for cloth napkins last year (which is one of the reasons why I bought the serger) and I never could get them to work right. :)

I may have to buy some cotton/linen blend for them, but I have room in my budget for that.

Last night, I sorted through my yarn and now I have five possible variations for scarves sitting around the Loom room. I'm not going to aim to make that many scarves for the craft show next week, but I have one warped at the moment and I plan on making at least one more.

I'd also like to do one tartan scarf, but we'll see about that.


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