Well, the silent auction is over, and I ended up with a lamp to put in the dark corner where Ester sits, some flower tins to put Christmas presents in (I like to put my candy in tins to give as gifts, or cookies too), a Corona grain mill that I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with, three vintage candy tins that Mom donated and I already have a collection of, a trio of vintage herb decorated boxes, a set of baskets, five old books no one else wanted, and some tea tins. The most expensive thing I bought was the grain mill for $17; the lamp was $15, so it wasn't a break-the-bank day at all. And I'm rather excited about the grain mill. All in all, church made over $500 on the silent auction and another $300 on the pancake breakfast and for lunch, so despite the rain and yucky weather, it was a nice amount anyway.

I've been playing around with the sample on Ester, and I've figured out how to do chevrons which is cool, and also plain weaving, which is nice as well. But last night, I warped my knitter's loom for Christmas dishcloths, and I'm absolutely in love with how they are looking:

And I'm using one of my pink dishtowels in the kitchen right now, and let me just say that I almost like mine better than the store-bought ones I already have. I will definitely have to make more of them!


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