Aha. Figured it out. I should have figured it out earlier--it's not like this doesn't happen every year.

See, I tend to clench my jaw when I crochet. It's an unconscious thing; I have to seriously pay attention to get myself not to do it. I think that the rug was the first straw and this hat I finished while giving away every scrap of wrapped candy (that wasn't seasonal--if you know what I mean) in the house to the trick or treaters was the last.

The sharp jab of pain when I crunched down on a Frosted Mini-Wheat (supper) was because of my unfortunate habit. Argh!

So I revised my Master List a bit--I'm just about done crocheting, I think. I am probably not going to crochet any more rag bears, at least not the rest of this week. And I have seven hats and five scarves; a fine amount, really.

(I had about 20 trick or treaters. I also emptied all the cans of wrapped, current candy, so there was quite a collection. And one of the older brothers walking around with his siblings was dressed like a fat ballerina. I kid you not. It was quite amusing.)

I did get to Hobby Lobby today, where I bought earring wires, so I can finish that up and get them crossed off my list (probably tonight.)

Oh, and for some reason, I can't reply to the house post below; I keep getting an error message. So I will try again tomorrow, darn it all!


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