I should be working on craft show stuff, but I got sick and tired of looking for a new kitchen rug and decided to make my own.

You've heard of jersey knit sheets, right? Well, this is a jersey knit rug. :) T-shirt fabric cut into strips and crocheted. It's going to weigh over 10lbs when I'm done (It needs 10 more inches from what you see here.) I started it last night, but did the majority this morning. I'm not sure I'll get it done today, but I'll work on it some more, I think. I have lots of other stuff to do on my list.

What looks grey on my monitor is actually dark blue. What looks cream is actually moss green, and then a darker medium green along the edge.

So far, I bet there's five yards of fabric in this. This might be a good way to use up some of my excess fabric that I won't use anywhere else!

At the moment, it's 41 inches wide by 18 inches high. I'm aiming for 28 inches high, which will fit just right where the previous rug fit.

It won't have a non-skid backing, of course, but somehow I don't think Miss Mabel will be moving it all that much, considering the weight. We'll see.


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