Well, most of my to-do list is done, but there's still some leftover for tomorrow.

I got one doll completely finished (Sarah, in the picture), and sewed the pieces to the others. Then I made up a smaller, similar pattern and started cutting out pieces for those. I think there will only be two small ones, though.

(Pardon the picture; it got dark really early tonight.) She has a vintage bakelite button on her dress that matches her eyes. :)

Here's what I need to do craft show-wise:

1 or 2 more dolls like Sarah (Making the total 3 or 4 because of Beatrice)
2 Santa dolls
2 small primitive style dolls
4 cashmere needlesculpted dolls (the interior pieces are cut out and I'm going to work on sewing them so I can work on the dolls this weekend, I hope)
3 small dolls (like Sweet Pea, Evangeline, and Violet)
Finish the rag crocheted bear I started, and make 1 or 2 more, depending on how much time I have.

Crochet some scarves and hats.
Make 10 mice cat toys or so.
Make 10 loopy balls to go with the mice.

I'm done with the jewelry except for making earrings, and if I don't get any earrings made, I'm not going to cry about it.

I'm also rather sick of crocheting scarves and hats. This might be my last year for them for a while, since it seems everyone has jumped on the scarves and hats bandwagon. Or maybe I'll just stick with hats. We'll see, though; I do have a lot of yarn to use for scarves and hats.

I don't think I'm going to get anything woven for the craft show, which is okay, I guess. And my tote bag idea will have to wait until next year, I think.

If I get done really early, I did want to do a few pet stockings or stockings made from vintage fabrics. But we'll see how things go.

I have 18 days left until set up day for the first craft show. Can I get all of this done? Who knows?

My goal is to get the dolls done by Nov. 1 and then have one more weekend to work on everything else. We'll see how that works. I may have time to do some stockings, who knows? (And if they don't sell, all the cats need stockings anyway, so that will work.)


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