Today on my lunch break, I went to Servatii's for bread and Goodwill to look around. I went with Mom on Monday and didn't see much, except for a little oak desk that they wanted $50 for and while it was probably a good price, it was beyond my budget at the moment.

Today when I went back, the little desk was still there, but the furniture was 50% off. So guess what I brought home?

It's solid oak, with the original rubber-like top--one drawer and a writing surface that pulls out. It's in great shape, and looks quite nice where my little oak table was before--I've been looking for something to put in its place for a while now.

The little oak table ended up in the kitchen where my folding sewing table was, which means the folding table can now be used for what it's supposed to be used for--extra surface space upstairs if needed. And the little oak table is much sturdier than the folding table anyway. Now I don't have to worry about the cats jumping up there.

Dad says it's probably from the 30s. He also said that $25 was a great price. :)

In other news, it's now supposed to get into the mid-20s tonight. Ack! So after eating supper with Mom and Dad (and Bekah and Ethan) I ran home, picked the rest of the watermelons, picked a basket of ripe tomatoes, and picked all the lettuce. I had been kicking around the idea of covering the lettuce or something, and I would have if there was more of it, but in truth, there was only a little patch and not really worth saving.

But I do declare that the gardening season has now ended. We're not getting a frost tonight--we're getting a freeze.


But still, with the cold weather comes quickly turning leaves, and I'm betting this cold snap will really bring out the color. That will be nice, since I already miss my flowers. But there's next year for more flowers, and I already have ideas of what I'm going to do.


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