So I'm making Signy a case. (Signy is the name I came up with after Grey pointed me in the right direction.)

This is the front of the case. It is made from recycled sweaters of course--I don't know how to cable knit. Angora blend cream and a purplish blue with a medium green sweatshirt fabric back.

I think it looks pretty. I think the finished case will look fabulous. But it took me a while to come up with this--I started and stopped at least six times before I decided on simplicity instead of something elaborate.

(Simplicity's always a good route to take.)

I wanted something that looked quilted, only not a real quilt pattern, if that makes sense.

So I'm done for the night--I'll do the rest tomorrow. I think this was the hardest part anyway.

I plan to weave the strap so I can wear it on my back.

The inside, for stiffness, is a very shrunken and dense shetland wool sweater. Heck, it's probably waterproof!

And much nicer than this.


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