Since it's supposed to snow on Friday, I decided to go ahead and dig the rest of the sweet potatoes, pick the lima beans, and pick every pepper on my pepper plants so I didn't have to worry about the garden anymore and only had to worry about the plants to bring inside. (That will be tomorrow and Wednesday, since Thursday's supposed to be the day the temperature drops.)

I ended up with a half a bushel of sweet potatoes, about twenty peppers (a lot of small ones) and five pounds of lima beans.

The largest sweet potato was 14 inches long and about two inches thick. Thank goodness it was growing sideways and not 14 inches into the ground! It almost weighed two pounds, too. Not bad at all for six plants! (That means the total for sweet potatoes is 3/4ths of a bushel. They definitely outdid the potatoes.)

I'm not sure I want to plant more than six plants next year if they continue to bear this way--I'd rather have more potatoes. But we'll see. I cooked a whole sweet potato in the microwave for supper tonight--with butter and just a little brown sugar for a glaze. It was quite yummy.

The drop in the weather means my plants will be coming inside, so I will be cleaning out the dining room tomorrow afternoon and starting to bring them inside tomorrow evening, I think. Then I will bring the big plants in on Wednesday, which should work. Some of them are going upstairs because I think I'm going to be out of room. And I only have one to dig up, really--my lemon grass, which grew wonderfully in the ground this year. I wish it was hardy!

And that means this is the end of the gardening season. I can't say I'm not ready for it to end, really--I do have craft show stuff to do, and other stuff to keep me busy over the winter. But next year will be fun as well, garden-wise.

I am going to try to overwinter my hardy hibiscus seedlings and my mimosa seedlings in the basement, I think. We'll see if that works.

Otherwise, I didn't get much else done today because I went with Mom down the road to get some cat food and litter and other stuff.


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