It's my birthday today. Instead of making the yearly birthday run to Goodwill, I'm going to an herb festival with Mom and Dad. I had Fruit Loops for breakfast (and toast--I am trying to run my challah craving into the ground.)

32 years ago today, I was born. This is a picture of me at 5 days old, on October 19, 1974. Mom and Dad have earlier pictures; since I was the first child I have the dubious joy of being the most-photographed child (at least in the beginning.) *grin*

This has been an interesting year. I've done well, I think; I managed to have a successful garden and even expand it. I finally finished the rewrite of Heart's Desire, and finished it to my satisfaction, even, which is rare. I finally figured out a pattern for a doll I'd make forever, if they keep selling.

There is a lot that I didn't get done, of course, but that happens every year, after all. And I am looking forward to this next year. I have a lot to do, both planned and unplanned.

I already bought my birthday presents (Signy and the Featherweight) so I'm not planning on buying much at the Herb Festival today. But I do intend to have fun, enjoy the crisp fall weather (because it will be freezing cold soon enough, after all, and I love fall) , and be happy.

So far so good.


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