I am in the process of rearranging my room (and partially my office.) This is the little Arts & Crafts desk that Dad gave me that is the crux of the rearranging issue--I had it beside my bed, out in the hallway, and now here so far.

I think I like it here best, however it displaced my chest of drawers, which is now right beside my bed--a place I'm not that sure of.

I mean, I think it looks okay in the picture, but I'm just not fond of losing my rocking chair (another displacement) that I always put my purse and Dana on at night.

The rocking chair is now over by my built-in wardrobe, and the cedar chest that was under the window is now at the foot of my bed.

I like the rocking chair here, but of course that means I would have to *gasp* get out of bed to put away my purse, etc., which isn't really a big issue and I should just shut up about it, don't you think?

What I'm really torn about is my bedside table, which I don't really like.

(Don't mind the mess--I had to move a bookcase and haven't found a place for the books as of yet.)

It's nothing special, and I borrowed/took it from Mom and Dad because they didn't want it anymore and I needed one. But now, part of me wonders if I have something else I could use around the house as a bedside table. I would put my chest of drawers over here, but I'm not sure about that either. And I need to either get another lamp or fix this one, because it has a short and turns off when it wants to. Argh!

Hmm. Actually, I do have a lamp with an arm that we used in the kitchen that could go here. Hmm.

But that doesn't solve the table issue, unfortunately. I'd steal the little one from downstairs, but then I'd have a displaced typewriter, too!

In my hallway, since I didn't put the desk where I'd cleared a space for it, I wheeled my treadle sewing machine out into the hallway:

It actually looks okay there, but now I have a displaced coat rack. *sigh*

I will figure this out eventually.

By moving the treadle sewing machine, I freed up space for plants in my office, and let in a lot more natural light from the west-facing window:

The middle box is full of yarn, of course.

This works well too, since I'm going to have more plants to bring in this year and some of them will need to go around the house.

But I'm not done yet--I still have to figure out where to put the displaced things--and try to organize a bit before I start on the Craft Show stuff next weekend.

I think I will have a busy, busy, busy day.


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