I had five things on my list of things to do tonight, and I got four of them done. So, not bad. (I didn't get any auctions posted. That was the fifth thing.)

However, I did get the rug finished!

Ending measurements were 41" long, 28 1/2" wide.

(As you can see, Mabel is inspecting the new addition.)

It weighs 7 lbs, so I was a bit off on the weight, but it felt like it weighed 100 lbs, really! And I used up the entire bolt of blue t-shirt fabric, which was probably about eight yards. So, total, it's probably about 9 1/2 yards of fabric. Which is a lot, for a rug.

The criteria for a new kitchen rug was something that would withstand Miss Mabel, be machine washable, not too expensive, and last a long while. I think if this one lasts as long as my other rug, I'll be happy. And it was cheap enough--all the blue fabric came from freecycle, the light green fabric was 'inherited' from Mom, and the medium green sweatshirt fabric was $2.50/yd. about 7 years ago. So the whole thing probably cost me $1.00 to make. I like that. :)

(Now all I need is a new kitchen floor to go with my new kitchen rug.)


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