It's nice and warm up here--64 in my office, which works well, since the house is set at 65.

Oh, did I mention we turned on the heat? Dad actually turned it on last Saturday after cleaning things and making sure everything was working well. So much for my credit. Ah well.

It didn't freeze per se; nothing is actually dead, but the plants don't look very happy. (Some things are dead, really. Just not everything. So I assume only the really tender ones are dead.)

I have a list of things to do this weekend, including visit the Lewis Mountain Herb Fair in Manchester for my b-day tomorrow (with Mom and Dad) and the last Burlington on Sunday with Dad, since Mom can't come. I'm going to go pick up the entry room a bit tonight, just to be able to feel like I've started something around the house.

And lots of craft show stuff--I have four weekends left until the first craft show, and that includes this weekend.


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