Since we all got up an hour early this morning (technically the same time, but hey, I'm not complaining!) I decided to work on the first Santa before we leave for church.

When Santa is in this stage of progress, I always think he's wearing red wool pajamas. :)

Here is Mom's Santa from last year, so you can see how he will look:

This current Santa has a longer coat and painted boots. Mom's Santa had a shorter coat and cashmere boots. (I wasn't all that fond of how they turned out.

So we'll see how he ends up looking. (And despite what it looks like, he really does have two eyes!)

I didn't get everything on my list done yesterday, of course, but I'm planning to work on it more today and just keep on getting things done. I did work on the rag crocheted bear a bit last night before bed, but I ran out of fabric, so I have to cut more.

At the moment, here's what's left to do:

3 or so pairs of earrings, once I get to the store to buy more earring wires.
2 large primitive dolls
2 large primitive Santas (1 in progress)
1 med. primitive doll
2 med. primitive Santas
4 cashmere/wool dolls (13")
4 small dolls
3 rag crocheted bears (might drop this down to two; 1 in progress)
12 wool mice
crochet hats and scarves (I want 10 of each total, and I already have some, so I need to count)

I need to print off more business cards, make some signs, and price everything too. And my pictures from Snapfish came, so I will have a House St. Clair doll gallery photo album at my booth as well. (Once I get a photo album, that is.)

There are 12 days left until setup, including one whole weekend. Barring any major calamities, I should be able to get everything finished. (Knock on wood.)


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