It was so nice and lovely outside today that Mabel and I took my work outside and I crocheted a scarf on the front porch while swinging on the porch swing. Oh, it was soooo nice.

Then I finished the scarf and planted what garlic I have--I still haven't gotten the other variety I ordered. Not sure what's up with that. I am definitely ordering earlier or something next year--or finding another place to order from, because I think the whole situation sucks. (The situation is this: I ordered two kinds of garlic in late August. The website said they would start shipping Sept. 19. Okay, that's fine, but I got the first variety last week. If they're delaying shipment for whatever reason, I'd sure like to know when to expect it, because I needed to prepare the ground. I never received shipping confirmation, and I haven't received any notice that I wasn't getting half the order. I'm not really sure if I was charged for it or not; they didn't specify. This was Seeds of Change, by the way, and they're usually exemplary.)

I stuffed all the sewn doll pieces (for the larger dolls, at least) this morning, so now I can assemble them, etc. And I've already filled up my container, so I need another one... I do have a lot more than I did last year! Which is good. (Last year I had one small container and a basket. This year, I already have a big container full, and the dolls aren't even in it.) I also crocheted a scarf last night, so that's two down, and six to go if I really want 10. We'll see. The numbers on my list are subject to change, after all.

(I don't want to run out of room on my table!)


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