I had made a pledge to attempt to not buy any supplies for the craft shows this year. I mean, I have fabric a-plenty, yarn galore, and enough beads to sink a (rather small) ship.

But last night I discovered that my pen was getting a bit dry, and that I was almost out of muslin.

Considering the primitive style dolls are made of muslin, that's a bit of an important supply to run out of.

So I took my break and went off to Joann's, which is across the street from Hobby Lobby and down the road from Michael's (All in the same general area, even; I'm surprised they're able to stay in business!) And I found muslin, of course, but then I tried to find a new pen.

I use Micron pens to draw on my doll's faces. These pens are the only pens I've been able to find that don't bleed on fabric, are waterproof, fadeproof, have archival ink, and have a fine enough line for me to draw very small lines without a single issue.

The last time I bought a Micron pen was probabaly five or six years ago. Seriously. They last that long. (Note: I only use them on dolls. They won't last that long if you use them for writing, for example, but there are others that I do use for that.) I use the .005 thickness, in brown. No sweat, right?

Let me put it this way: The last time I bought them every single craft store had a display where you could choose your colors and thicknesses with no problems. Nowadays, it seems that everyone must want black and .05 thickness.


I went to two stores with no luck. (I didn't try Michael's, but IIRC, they weren't any better the last time I looked at them.) Because I really need a new pen, I decided to take a gamble on Faber Castell PITT artist pens in Sepia, but I had to buy a pack of four. They're archival and waterproof and fadeproof too, but we'll see how they work on cashmere.

My whole thought about buying them at a store was that I really don't want to pay for shipping for pens, darn it all. On the Sakura website, for example, one pen's shipping cost would be $5.50. No way!

Oh, and I asked at Hobby Lobby if they could possibly order me a brown pen (or three), but they said they couldn't do that. Argh again!

I don't think that's very fair. If we had a decent art store in the area, I'd just go there, but that's not going to happen.

We'll see how the other ones work out. They're a little darker than I'm used to working with, but they may work.

(Incidentally, if anyone is going to order any supplies from an art catalog that has these pens, let me know. I'd gladly chip in on shipping just so I'm not paying double for pens!)

Dammit! And this site has a $25 minimum order!


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