Okay. Chili is in the crockpot, cornmeal bread is rising on the radiator (ha!) and I finally got to get a shower and get dressed. I feel a bit more in control of my schedule now. Whew.

I am making Sweet Potato Chili. With mashed sweet potatoes in the sauce. About four, I think. It also has turkey in it, and fresh green peppers, and tomato juice from last year, and the sweet potato water (this is an experiment chili, after all), and the last of my fresh tomatoes, and three kinds of beans. It is my own recipe.

If it tastes as good as it looks, I will post the recipe.

Hey, I have to use up those sweet potatoes somehow!

And I forgot two things:

On October 19th, I was a homeowner for 2 years.

And today is my sister Emily's birthday! I called her at 6am her time, but she didn't answer her phone. :(


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