My darlings are on my bad list this morning for keeping me up--all night long. I'm not sure what the issue was, but they were not asleep last night and now, of course, are lying around the house, dozing.

Someone (names will be withheld) found a stash of marbles somewhere, and all night long I heard thump... roooooolllll. and then bounce, bounce, bounce as it rolled down the first set of stairs. And then, of course, a series of bounces as it rolled down the big flight of stairs. And then rooooolllll, roooollllll as the guilty party played marble soccer in the hallway.

In a very quiet house, it was very, very loud.


I got up once at 1am to find and confiscate all the marbles, but I only found one. After that, I tried to get back to sleep, but I only succeeded around 4am, and now I'm tired. :(

Tonight is the chili supper--tomorrow is the last RenFaire. I am hoping for good weather tomorrow, but we'll see; there was a chance of rain, but now it's saying just cloudy. But with a high of 49 tomorrow, I'm definitely wearing my velvet dress and wool cloak, because it's going to be cold. Brrrrrr.

So today I have to start the chili in the crock pot (soon), start sewing doll parts for the dolls for the craft show, and make sure I have my costume ready. I'm also thinking I might bake bread, but we'll see.


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