Pictures from last night--Blogger was apparently down, so I couldn't post them.

(Pardon the picture quality; my office doesn't have wonderful lighting and it was dark.)

This is Kate, made from the smaller version of the primitive style doll pattern. Obviously she needs sleeves and a bodice for her dress, but she turned out rather well. I wasn't all that fond of her hair at first, but once I was finished, I really liked how it turned out. The smaller doll pattern has a simpler hand--no thumb. Which still works for me.

I haven't measured her yet, so I'm not sure how tall she really is, but I'll probably end up finishing her tonight. (I hope so--I had meant to finish her last night but I didn't get home until close to 8pm, due to eating dinner with Mom and Dad. Not that eating dinner with Mom and Dad is a bad thing, but I didn't get the dishes done either. *sigh*)

And I managed to make two stockings (I cut out the fabric for more--like pink polka dot stockings. Ha!) which worked well enough; they aren't supposed to be perfect, after all. They look fine, really. But they're defintely just simple, easy stockings. More for decoration than anything heavy.

If they don't sell (and I'm probably going to sell them for $2/each or 3/$5, because they take no time to make) then they will decorate my staircase. I plan to make quite a few of them for about two hours straight on the weekend. We'll see how many I manage to make.

And onward--I revised my Craft Show Master List a bit yesterday, and planned out how my table will look.

More dolls tonight, I hope...


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