Updated pics! (Mostly for Dad, since I just talked to him. He may have a bedside table for me, too!)

Here is the desk with an extra chair from the dining room, and I think it will stay this way. Beside the desk is my really antique garbage can that I probably shouldn't be using as a garbage can anymore, and on the other side is my little stool, topped with a cute down throw from Target.

Unfortunately, I broke the leg of my unusual stool again--so I will have to glue it back or something.

I had this idea while looking at the pile of books in top of my chest of drawers. This cabinet was originally on top of my broken radiator in the office. However, I never really used it for anything, so I thought I might as well use it for something, like books!

I added some of the folklore and writing books from the office, which freed up space for the displaced yarn. Surprisingly, everything has a place!

I like this a lot better now. It will stay here. I'm probably not going to keep that bookrack on top of it--I just needed a place for it to stay for the time being. It's collapsible and easily stored, so whatever I decide will work.

I ended up putting the coat rack back in the hallway next to the treadle sewing machine, but on the opposite side that it was on before. It works--the doorway isn't blocked too much--but I may try to find another place for it eventually. We'll see.

I am trying to decide whether or not to risk having the blue and tan pitcher broken by my darlings (if it falls, it will fall down the stairs) or try to decide whether or not they will stay off the treadle case. We'll see. So far so good.

My spare sewing machines are now on top of the broken radiator in my office. That gets them out of the way and up off the floor--and frees up space on my sewing table (there's no real reason to have more than one sewing machine out at a time, really.)

The green & white one is my Singer 5140, the old one on top is the sewing machine that goes to my treadle (the mechanism inside of the case is broken, and I need to fix it before I put the sewing machine back inside), and the red and tan one is the Singer 99k from the 50s. We actually saw an identical Singer 99k at Burlington last month for $300. I think they thought it was a Featherweight. Hahaha!

My featherweight is under my sewing table; since it has a case that's a good place for it to be.

The plants are in sunlight now, and will be until sunset--this is a great place for them to be. I'm going to bring in probably three more up here, but I don't think I have many more small ones.

I also cleaned off my sewing table, and the huge pile of stuff in front of my sewing table as well. I have my bed to clean off (mostly clothes) and I put the air conditioner in my bedroom away. (I have a nice cross-breeze coming through at the moment.)

So far so good! I still have to organize my craft desk and clean off this desk, and work on the other side of my bed.

But I'm getting there.


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