As I sat at my craft desk last night, I started looking around at my various supplies (some of which I have had for years and years and years.) That got me thinking about what I used to do that I don't do anymore, like polymer clay.

When polymer clay first started to become popular, I started making beads and dolls and such like everyone else. It was fun, but my craftwork moved in a different direction. I'm more attuned to cloth than clay. And so on.

So I think it's time to do a bit of clearing. I'm leaving the option open to get back into polymer clay if I so desire, but at the moment, the desire's just not there, and I need the space. I have one of those multi-drawer wooden boxes (sewing boxes?) full of unopened packs of polymer clay, and I have a drawer full of scrap clay and boxes of clay. It's all going on ebay.

I'm also going to sell my polymer clay books, because if I really, really want to get back into that craft, I can always buy other books. But seriously, I've had the clay and books for years without giving them a single thought. I'm just not into that anymore. It's not that I didn't have fun; I just don't have that desire anymore. And it's not feasible for me to keep the supplies in the faint expectation of *maybe* needing pounds and pounds of clay one day. :)

I do tend to stockpile; it's the packrat coming out in me. But stockpiling stuff I will actually use makes a lot more sense than stockpiling stuff that will only gather dust. So off to ebay it will go.

I'm going to be cleaning now, since the frentic pace of the past month isn't going to happen again any time soon. I have paint to go through in preparation for the face painting. I have a book to finish, and another one to write. I have dolls to work on and finish and post on ebay, and I have some Christmas presents to make. And I have some craft supplies to weed from my collection, so I can replenish what I actually use.

Spring cleaning in November. Why not? It makes more sense to do a cleansing in the fall than the spring anyway; there's way too much garden stuff going on in the springtime.

So if you will at all be interested in craft supplies, books, and whatnot (yes, dolls too--I'm Back!) check out my auctions in these coming weeks. I'll be posting quite a bit.


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