Well, for better or for worse, I'm finished. I'm not doing anything else tonight.

I got two of the cashmere dolls finished, but the third has decided that she or he wants to have spiky streaked blonde hair, a cool coat, and maybe even pants. And I'm not going to get done with that tonight.

I'm also bringing the last Santa to finish there, since it's after 9:30 already and I'm just not going to get him finished. But I can knot a beard and hair anywhere, so my supplies are packed.

And I'm rather tired. I can't say that I didn't get a lot finished--I am impressed at how much I actually managed to get done. My table will be quite full, which is good.

Unfortunately, it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow and sunny. Hopefully, we'll still get good crowds. Saturday's weather looks more promising for craft shows--in the 50s and rainy.

But we'll see. I have almost all new stuff this year, really, so it would be nice if things went well.


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