I'm back for the night! I talked to a million people, got plenty of compliments, had a lot of fun, and did rather well!

I should probably say that my goal this year, total (which means for both craft shows) is to make at least $300. This will go into my savings account. (I have a Plan, of course.)

That would mean that I needed to make more than the $150-$165 I usually make at this craft show. With mostly new stuff, it was worth a try.

So far... I've made $151.80.


I have an order for a small doll, which I'm going to cut out and do the head tonight, and sew and stuff, etc., tomorrow at the show. I have a possible order for (maybe) two more 13" dolls.

Oh, and by the way--I sold both of the ones I brought. Eeek! (I sold Ava to my #1 fan, too, which was even better!)

I also sold Emily the unicorn to a nice little girl (well, her grandmother paid for it, but you know) who fell in love with her. I also sold one of the smaller primitive style dolls--none of the larger ones yet or any of the Santas, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Strangely enough, the jewelry isn't going at all this year. Neither are the scarves (which is okay, since I really like the ones I made this year, so they just might end up being mine) but hey, I have another craft show next week.

Predictably, the 25 cent bracelets are moving like mad, but they always do. And there's a lady on the other end of the show who is selling the very same bracelets for $1.00, which is just a rip-off, if you ask me. I mean, please! How much do they really cost to make? How long do they take to make? Sheesh!

And then I get home to find someone asking about facepainting--which is a definite possibility, and a craft show in a local town (same person, so I'm assuming they are for the same things.) Maybe I will set up somewhere else this year... We'll see!

So anyway, the warm weather didn't effect my sales at all today. Which is nice! Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as good.

Now I have to cut out doll pieces. I might as well make two, since I'm going to be sewing anyway.

Oh--I almost forgot! Remember this?

Well, since I was going to be sitting at the craft show all day anyway, I brought Kitten along to work on her body. And she now has a body! I didn't have enough stuffing with me to do the arms, legs, and tail, so I'm bringing that tomorrow too. And then she'll be finished!


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