You know, I'm wondering if the pain is from the toothpaste I picked up--I have sensitive teeth (well, gums, really, and only one spot on each side if that makes sense) and usually use Aquafresh, but the grocery store only had Colgate Whitening Sensitive Toothpaste. I never buy whitening toothpaste, because I don't care. However, I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe it might be the toothpaste irritating my gums, which means it's hitting the nerve or something. Ouch.

Maybe I need to go brush my teeth again with something a bit less... harsh. Hmm.

Hey! Toms of Maine does have sensitive teeth toothpaste! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Edit: Yep, that's it, all right. I just brushed my teeth with the rest of the regular Tom's of Maine toothpaste that I had been using along with the Aquafresh, and I hit the damned nerve. Owie!

(Try to imagine someone shoving a pin in your gums, multiple times. Damn that hurt!)

Lovely. Now I'm pissed off. I hope when I get the Tom's of Maine Sensitive toothpaste at the store tomorrow that it helps. And I think I'll buy more than one box.

(In my defense, I loooove Tom's of Maine toothpaste. However, our local CVS doesn't carry the sensitive variety; they carry all the others, though. I had bought the regular toothpaste on sale, because the Aquafresh toothpaste tastes horrible. So I was using half and half. And I never really took the time (until now) to look and see if they even had a sensitive variety.)

Argh. :(


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