I made banana bread with Ethan tonight, and now I'm trying out my attempt at sugarless Sweet Potato Casserole (you know; the yummy one with the brown sugar/flour/oatmeal/nut topping. Only without the brown sugar and with something else instead.) If it works, I will post the simple, simple recipe. If it doesn't work, it will still taste good and I will eat it for lunch tomorrow. Yum. The idea is to have a substitute for what happens to the brown sugar when it cooks. You know? We'll see if it works.

The banana bread has chocolate chips embedded in the top. It's quite yummy, despite the fact that it has no butter! It's a variation from the Cake Doctor book, and is made with doctored yellow cake mix. I'm bringing a loaf to work tomorrow for everyone who is going to be there (not many people. I am so mean!)


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