I'm not going to get finished tonight.

That said, I did have to stop a bit this afternoon and clean up outside (Dad nicely fixed the storm windows and cleaned out my gutters), and I also did some dishes and watered the plants.

So now I'm working on hair, so I can (hopefully) have the six bald dolls finished tonight. That will leave me with the three cashmere/wool dolls, which are being sewn, etc. (the outer bodies are what needs to be sewn; the inner bodies and heads are done) so I'm still going to get finished before the show.

I won't get anything done tomorrow, I think; I have an ALL DAY (8:30-5) team building meeting at work tomorrow. It's two hours away from my house, so essentially, I'll be working a 12 hour day. Joy.

And I counted--I'll have 14 dolls at the craft show. That's the most dolls I have had for years and years and years. If they don't sell, they'll be my ebay offerings for the next few months!


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