Well, there was an OSU game today, evidently, and we're thinking that's why people kind of stayed away from the craft show. It wasn't busy at all, but I did manage to sell $82.50, which isn't as bad as my worse day there at all.

I sold more books this time, which was fine. And the best part is, I don't have to do a thing for New Richmond! Thank goodness. I'm not sure I have enough strength to attempt eleven more dolls.

I'm going to finish the three remaining dolls before the New Richmond show, but the only thing crafty I'll be doing next week is finishing up my kitten, who now has arms. They actually look a lot cuter than in the picture. It was dark. That'll be my excuse. :)

So anyway, I'm happy. And now all I have to do is unload my car.

Tomorrow, we're scheduled to head to Goodwill so I can get more sweaters for fabric. I'm not in dire need, but if I intend to continue to make these dolls during the spring and summer months, I really need to stock up or I'll run out of fabric. Hopefully I'll be able to find some good sweaters to use.


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