Last night, while thinking about what comes next in The Seventh Secret (and yes, I have been writing!) I started a scarf in a different crochet stitch I hadn't used before. I might give this away for Christmas; we'll see, but I do rather like the pattern this stitch has. It's called moss stitch.

(There is a knitting moss stitch too, but it doesn't look anything like this at all.)

It's actually a pretty heathery green, but the colors didn't show up very well in the picture.

Today I am cleaning my office, my bedroom, and the front and side porches. At least that's the idea. We'll see how far I get. I'm starting in my office, since it's the worst room. Then I'll probably go outside to enjoy the weather and clean the porches, and then back inside for my bedroom. Tomorrow will be downstairs, except for the dining room, which isn't on my official list until next week.

I will also have more auctions to post tomorrow evening. I'm going to raid my craft book shelves, and also go through more supplies. And I'm going to post a doll, too--I just have to decide which one.


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