I've been ordering Christmas presents to get them out of the way, and so I can decide what I'm making this year. So far I've come up with some good ones; I just have two people I haven't bought anything for as of yet. Of course they are difficult to buy for. (I already know what I'm getting the one person, but not the other. We'll see.)

So far this year, I'm not making as much as I did last year, but I'm making some of the same things, if that makes sense.

For you fabric lovers out there, I also discovered Fabric.com, which seems to be a great discount fabric store--much cheaper than I can get anywhere around here. They even have cashmere/wool coat fabric! How cool is that? I did place an order, so we'll see how things end up once it comes. But your first order ships free, so I made it count. :)


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