My mom used to bake bread.

I'm sure she still can, but she doesn't as much anymore, which is sad, because she had some great bread recipes. Nowadays she makes pies, which are very yummy too, but I do miss the taste of her bread.

Tonight I had every intention of making challah in the bread machine, but I got a little too carried away at revising the recipe. I added an egg, and honey, and then realized I had to add a lot of flour, or I'd end up with bread soup. So I did, which made it way too big for the bread machine, and it ran over the top as it was rising.

That was the first Argh. (Well, the first Argh was the wheat bread not rising. (Not yours, Grey--this was a different recipe and one I won't try again.) But anyway...

So I decided that I would then add some more flour, knead it a little, and end up with two loaves of bread. I set it on a radiator to rise the second time, and made one loaf round and one in my stoneware bread pan, which is a large size.

Then, because I couldn't find the timer, I promptly forgot they were there for 45 minutes. Yikes!

The dough had risen quite nicely, but it was still very loose, so I didn't know what I would end up with. The loaf in the bread pan rose to touch the top rack of the oven, and the round loaf is quite large as well, but they turned out nice and yummy.

In fact, the taste very closely resembles Mom's bread, which I haven't tasted in years. (I realize all I have to do is ask for her recipe and she would give it to me, but I was experimenting. Honest!) I had two pieces with butter and oh. Mmmmm. It was heaven in my mouth.

I really have to try this again on purpose, just to see if I can get the same taste again. Because I could easily say this would be my favorite bread, and it was really a mistake! (Doesn't that figure?)

Now all I have to do is ask Mom for her recipe so I can compare the two and see if my taste buds really remember what they think they remember.

(I did get all the dolls stuffed, too. I'm going to assemble the primitive style ones before I go to bed tonight. And I forgot to mention something else I did today--I gave Mabel a bath! She stunk. Now she smells good! And she hopped right into the tub again--just like before! Yay Mabel!)


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