Okay, after going over my list of what I made for the craft show, here is what I need to make to replenish my stock by Saturday:

--more earrings! At least 12 pairs. (shouldn't be a problem. I have the supplies.)

--30 $.25 bracelets. I only have 3 left. (I need to buy more elastic.)

--2 large primitive style dolls (I need to buy more stuffing.)

--2 medium primitive style dolls. (Again, more stuffing.)

--4 13" cashmere/wool dolls. (Etc., on the stuffing. I need to stop by Goodwill too and look for more sweaters for fabric.)

--3 small dolls, including the mermaid I didn't finish today.

--2 hats

--2 scarves

--12 more cat toys (I sold 12 out of 20. Not bad!)

Tomorrow we're going to clean the downstairs. Monday, I'm going to take my trip down the road for more stuffing and sweaters. I'm also going to clean in my bedroom and my office. (I need to put away my clean clothes and do laundry badly.) In between all of that, I'm going to be writing and crafting. Thank goodness I'm on vacation this week!

And at least I'll be having fun. :)


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