So, the Amazon irritation from last night.

It was around 8pm.

I was minding my own business, and reading Want Not, which is a blog that posts deals on various things. I've gotten a few free samples of things from posts on this site, but I've not really utilized any of the coupons they post or anything like that, up until now.

Last night, I saw this post.

I had been thinking lately that I really needed to buy some more pots and pans. I don't need skillets--I have my nice Circulon and Cephalon (sp?) skillets that I got at the auction in 2004, and the covered shallower pots I bake stuff in, but I really don't have many actual pots. As in saucepans, two-handled pots, etc. I have some Visions cookware, of course, and two four quart saucepans. I have one big two-handled pot that I use for soup, but it's starting to look a bit ragged around the edges.

And I have plenty of skillets. Lots and lots of those.

So I've been vaguely thinking about getting some more pots and pans, but I hadn't really acted on that impulse. I didn't put pots and pans on my Christmas list or anything.

Last night, when I saw that post, I thought that if it were only the pans and covered pots, I wouldn't have a problem. But I have one of the big skillets already, and I really didn't need another one. And I have plenty of other good skillets.

But Mom and Dad don't. So I called up Dad and asked him if he would be interested in giving Mom some new skillets--good skillets--for Christmas. He was interested, so my problem was solved. :)

Unfortunately, that was only one problem. See, to get the dutch oven free, you have to up your purchase to $200. The lady at Want Not suggested buying the teapot, but I didn't really like that teapot, so I tried to find something else. Only stupid Amazon's webpage was running so slow that it kept timing out and coming up blank when I tried to search under 'Circulon.' Not to mention the fact that you had to weed out what Amazon was selling vs. the other stores they support. But I persevered, and ended up with this and this. (Yes, I know. More skillets. But I have one of these skillets, and I love it.)

When I tried to check out, I saw that it had my sister's name on the cart. And so I clicked on the link to change the names, couldn't remember my password, and had to create a new account. By the time it created a new account for me, it was 9:45pm--and when I clicked on my cart to check out, it was empty.

I will admit--I cussed. I woke Mabel up, too. (She was sleeping on her wool blanket.)

It took me another hour to place my order. I had to find everything again, add everything to my cart again, sign in again, and then checkout. The website was so slow that I took Mabel out to put her to bed, got myself ready for bed, and walked back upstairs only to find that it still hadn't loaded all the way.


I didn't sleep very well last night, either; I had a dream that someone broke into my house and tried to steal all my skillets. Hmm, I wonder where that one came from?

Anyway, I finally had everything ordered. Here's the rundown on the price savings:

Subtotal of Items: $255.98
Shipping & Handling: $43.29
Super Saver Discount: -$43.29
Promotion Applied: -$34.00
Promotion Applied: -$10.00
Promotion Applied: -$25.00

Total for this Order: $186.98

It comes out to about $15.50 per pot/pan/skillet. Not bad at all! (Now all I have to do is figure out where to store it all.)


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