Okay, so I thought I was out of butter, and I made the mistake of leaving it out of the Sugarless Sweet Potato casserole. Thus, the sample I ate last night at 9pm tasted a bit like nutty cardboard. NOT GOOD.

So I stuck it in the fridge, with the thought that I could possibly salvage the sweet potatoes, at least, or do something to make it more palatable this evening.

And then I went to Meijer this afternoon, to get some groceries and cat food and my Nestle Choclatier morsels to try (I got my coupon!), and some other things. I also picked up a bottle of Agave Nectar, because it was on sale.

When I got home, I drizzled the agave nectar on top of my cardboard creation and popped it back into the oven. I also mixed up two apple crisp tarts in small pyrex bowls, and tried to make a decent topping this time. I mixed 1/2 c. flour, 1/2 c. oats, 1/3 c. applesauce, 1/2 stick butter, and about a teaspoon and a half of agave nectar together, and popped those into the oven. 30 minutes later, my Sugarless Sweet Potato casserole was bubbling merrily, so I took it out and had a taste.

Yum! In fact, since I'll add butter to tomorrow's concoction, I'm going to lessen the amount of nectar and add more applesauce.

The apple crisp came out very yummy, by the way. It needed to bake just a bit more than I would normally have it in, but that's okay. I can handle that.

So, I'm thinking of using the nectar for Dad's cookies in place of the brown sugar. We'll see how that works.


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