My eyes are so heavy right now I could sleep on my keyboard, but I wanted to post an update before I crawl off to bed.

I had every intention of finishing the dolls yesterday. However, that didn't happen. I made it until 11:30 last night, and then I wiped out.

Well, I had every intention of getting up at 6:30 and starting again, but Mabel started barking at the outside cats at 4am, so since I was wide awake anyway (thanks a bunch, Miss Mabel!) I decided to get up and try to finish something by noon. I thought I would be done by noon, and then I could do some other stuff on my list, like water my plants and clean out the litterboxes. You know, important stuff.

Eleven and a half hours later (if you're counting, that's 3:30pm), I was done with eight dolls (out of eleven), I had a new appreciation for why people wear thimbles (my middle finger might never be the same), I had a fight with a piece of wire and lost (my hand looks like Loki tried to eat it), and I was crosseyed from trying to see invisible thread in not very wonderful light. Since I had been in my pajamas all day long, and in my desk chair all day long (in between there I did manage to clean out the litterboxes and eat breakfast and lunch, but it was quick.)


I quit. Ethan was here during the afternoon, and luckily he was good, or else I wouldn't have finished the ones I finished. Whew!

Damn! The next time I try to make ten dolls in one week and think I can do it, someone please shoot me! (The eleventh doll was the unfinished Santa from last week.)

At the moment, I have two cashmere/wool dolls unfinished, but all the pieces are sewn and ready to be assembled. I have one large primitive style doll ready to dress, and then she'll need hair. That's it. And they can wait until next weekend, I think; I'm not doing any crafts at all next week. I'm going to concentrate on The Seventh Secret instead, before the thin threads of story fly away and leave me hanging. Obviously, I'm not going to finish it by Thanksgiving, so I'll aim for Christmas. We'll see.

And at the moment, I ache. It feels like I walked a marathon or ran up and down the stairs a million times instead of just sewed. 'Just'. Hahahahahaha!

I'm going to bed. Everything is set up for tomorrow; all I have to remember is a cushion (or two) for my chair and my bag of things to do. We'll see how things go, and if my new stuff does as well as it did at St. Mary's. If I sell out again, though, I think I'm going to die.

My poor fingers!


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