I have five dolls waiting for hair (yes, there are only four in the picture, but one of them is waiting for her blue boots to dry.)

I have the cashmere/wool dolls left, and my goal is to have their faces painted by the time it's time to go to church, so we'll see. I'm only doing three of them. I'm bringing Meg, though, so there will be four at the show.

The middle Santa (the first small one) has a cashmere outfit from an unfelted cashmere sweater. I had tried to sell that sweater, but when it didn't sell, I just stuck it in my sweater collection and forgot to felt it. So it was a bit tricky to sew.

I'm bringing the rest of the mice to stuff and finish at the craft show. That will give me something quick to do. I have four done, though, so at least there will be some already there.

I'm not doing any small dolls. However, the first doll I next make for ebay will be one of the Orphans, since I scored a white cashmere sweater and a white merino wool sweater the other day at Goodwill. Yay! I can make dead dolls! :)

So anyway, an update. I'm not done yet, but I have hope to finish still today. Onward!


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