So in my quest to save time, I decided that I would bite the bullet (so to speak) and make the attempt to sew the cashmere dolls' interior body parts on the sewing machine. I've been doing it by hand, and since there is also the outside body (which I think needs to be sewn by hand) it takes twice the time to make one doll. And it's a boring, boring, BORING job and I hate to do it, so anything that will make it go quicker (short of hiring someone to sew them for me) is a Good Thing.

In the space of 30 minutes, I sewed all the pieces I had cut out--5 dolls worth of pieces! Yay!! 30 minutes! Why didn't I try this sooner? (That is a head, a body, two arms, and two legs. And I was going slow, even. Yay!)

Sure, some of the edges aren't curved and I messed up in a couple of places, but it won't matter, since these are the interior parts. I am so happy!

I also sewed the large primitive doll parts, so essentially, I only have the parts for two medium primitive style dolls to sew. Which I will do in a moment.

And then I stuff! A lot!

I got the crocheting done this morning (I watched Pirates of the Carribean and Big Fish) and the bracelets done yesterday. All that is left other than the dolls are the cat toys and the earrings, both simple things.

I want to make the attempt to be done by tomorrow afternoon, so I have time to do the other things on my list. But I am not ignoring the house--I cleaned some in the kitchen yesterday and I will do the rest of the dishes tonight. Tomorrow will probably be the cleaning of the porches or the dining room. We'll see.


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